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Exam Results


[This message has also been made available via the class Facebook page and campus e-mail]

As you may already have seen, the grades (partials and global finals) are now available for your consultation.

Let me repeat some of the information I gave you this morning, with some additional remarks:

If you have passed, terrific! Congratulations: happy summer…

  1. If you have failed, don’t worry excessively. It’s entirely normal throughout a university degree to fail sometimes. If this is your case, please contact me as soon as possible (at and we’ll arrange a tutorial. I’ll also inform you of the re-evaluation date and the format of the re-evaluation task.
  2. If you think that the grades indicated are in any sense incorrect, please contact me and we’ll discuss the issue more fully. It’s not impossible that there is an error on my part.
  3. Please be aware that tutorials for approximately the next two weeks will be given over to re-evaluation students (who obviously take priority at this point). If you simply wish to discuss your exam/paper etc., please wait until I have sent you specific information on the exam-review sessions. You will receive this information next week via Facebook, the class blog and campus e-mail.
  4. If you contact me about the exam results, please be patient whilst I reply. I will always get a reply to every e-mail I receive, but at this time of year it may take a little longer than normal.

That’s it. Bye for now!


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