Monday’s Class (May 19)


This Monday, our class will be given by guest lecturer, Amanda Jones.

Amanda (who has been sitting in on our classes over the last few weeks) is an MA student in our department and a graduate in English of the University of California, Davies. She is now specialising in C19 literature and is currently researching British women writers’ attitudes to slavery in the US of the 1800s.

Amanda has kindly provided us with some class material for Monday, which I’m attaching here: 19th Century Women Travel Writers.

The pdf looks longer than it is, actually, because one of the texts was only available as a screen-capture. I’d be very grateful if you could all give this material your fullest attention for Monday.

The particular significance of Amanda’s session to us at this point in our course is that it will, in effect, allow us to review and consolidate many of the aspects that we’ve observed in relation to the treatment and discussion of slavery, to remark on the varied but particular perspective that women writers may bring to this, and to provide a significant thematic connection with the subject of feminism that we will enter more fully into on reading Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper (which we’ll begin next Wednesday).

I know that you’ll all give Amanda a warm welcome and will do her the deference of preparing your reading well!